Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Charity Tribute to Comedy Legend - The Sugar Club, Dublin

Despite all the misery of 2020 (so far) we have managed to almost sell out our tribute show, to comedy legend and voice of reason Bill Hicks.

Thanks to the presence of Bills brother Steve Hicks we will have a full on tribute show, to arguably the bravest, most honest and hilarious comedian of a generation. A generation that grew up not really deserving such an influence in their young formative lives.

Perhaps the current batch of young rebels will follow their curiosity and sense of decency. Take a walk down Hicksville and be prepared to go Billistic.

The thing about this thing called life, we always have a chance to redeem ourselves. Get the last of the tickets and enjoy what could be another life affirming experience.

"Listen, the next revolution is gonna be a revolution of ideas" Bill Hicks Bill Hicks on War & Freedom 

The last few tickets for Bill Hicks Tribute Show Dublin Wednesday 26th February 2020

In Bill Hicks good name we are donating ticket receipts and raffle receipts to 2 homeless charities in Dublin, and Bill Hicks Wildlife Foundation

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