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The Bill Hicks Community: The links listed below are for sites related to numerous friends and supporters of the foundation who in one form or another have and/or continue to volunteer their time and services to our cause. Please support them because they have so generously supported us through the years.

Disclaimer- these links in no way imply that we, the board and volunteers of the Bill Hicks Foundation, share or condone any or all of the views and/or material presented in them. We have created this page as a courtesy and gesture of thanks to these individuals and groups for their past and/or ongoing support of the foundation. & -- sites by JZ of Brooklyn, designer of one of our new shirts.
Austin Area Wildlife Rehab
Bill Hicks Forever

Need information on animal care, how to peacefully co-habitate with wildlife, network with other rehabber organizations for information/animal care, learn how to get licensed in Texas to care for wildlife, or find a rehabber in your area? Here are some links to get you started, if you know of a good resource to add here let us know!

“An Essential Guide To Enjoying National Parks Responsibly”-
Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc., San Antonio/Kendalia Texas
Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept: direct link to page regarding wildlife

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