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The Bill Hicks Foundation is a not-for-profit Texas Corporation.

We are a network of volunteers -- everyday people, animal lovers, and specialists -- who dedicate much of our time to helping wildlife. Mammals and marsupials are our specialty.

As small mammal specialists we do not personally rehabilitate birds, but we do network with those who do. However, if you are in the Austin area and need help with an orphaned, sick, or injured bird, please contact the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department at 512-389-4800, or visit their Web site at www.tpwd.state.tx.us for a list of rehabilitators of birds and other species.

As our urban areas continue to grow and encroach on wildlife habitat, so too does the number of animals in need of our care. We are currently looking for more volunteers. Please contact us if you are interested in helping us rescue and rehabilitate Central Texas wildlife.

Our philosophy is that wild animals were here first, and the least we can do, for invading and destroying their natural habitat, is to give a little something back by helping those we can. Often, this "little something" means volunteers putting in many selfless hours; giving up nights, weekends, and any pretense at a "normal" life; and spending their own money on medical expenses, supplies and food. Donations help, but they just don't put a dent into the expenses incurred.

Mission Statement

The Bill Hicks Foundation for Wildlife Rehabilitation DBA Wildlife Aid of Austin and Wolfdog Aid of Austin

8109 Matchlock Cove Austin TX 78729

Bill Hicks was a very gifted and popular stand-up comic — part philosopher, part social critic — who succumbed to pancreatic cancer at the age of 32. A longtime Texas resident, Bill's star was on the rise, with numerous appearances on the Dave Letterman show and 2 HBO specials to his credit. He was immensely popular overseas as well and was in the process of developing a "pilot" for the BBC just prior to his untimely passing.

Bill was a profound lover of animals and often stated he preferred their company to people. He had a special fondness for raccoons and wolf-hybrid dogs. Since 1995, the Bill Hicks Foundation continues to make a lasting contribution, in Bills memory, towards a cause he loved and cared about: helping animals. In 2004, we added 2 more operating names that increase the awareness and understanding of the services we provide to the Central Texas community: Wildlife Aid of Austin and Wolfdog Aid of Austin. We will be adding these web addresses and more complete descriptions of each division to our website and printed materials, but both will operate under the auspices and direction of the foundation and its board of directors.

Mission Statement: The Bill Hicks Foundation for Wildlife Rehabilitation is a Texas not-for-profit corporation, which functions solely on the efforts of volunteers and private contributions. One hundred percent of the funds raised are used to finance the following: purchase and construction of proper caging, housing, feeding, and supplies for wildlife; payment for their medical treatments and supplies; funding trials of new and/or experimental medicines and therapies for wildlife; assisting with costs of vaccines, training and set up supplies for current and new wildlife rehabilitators; subsidizing all costs/efforts related to the rescue, fostering and adoption of wolf-hybrid dogs; stipends and educational assistance to low income rehabbers; and, lastly, maintenance of a web presence and promotion of the foundation via our website, public and educational appearances and promotional merchandise (i.e.: business cards, newsletters, t-shirts, etc.) and monthly administrative costs (phone line and internet access).

Who we are/What we do: All of our volunteers work regular full-time jobs, sometimes two! We come from all walks of life and are joined by our common love for animals. Most are also members of other wildlife organizations such as the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association or The International Wildlife Rehabilitators Council. We care for the animals at our own homes and submit to annual inspections by the Texas Game Wardens office. All of our volunteers either have their own state-issued scientific rehabilitators permit or are sub-permitees and/or supervised apprentices of those that have permits.

Our Philosophy: Central Texas is blessed with a wide variety of wildlife. Each plays an important role in the health and ecology of our shared habitat. Depletion of one species could lead to overpopulation of another. As central Texas continues to grow so rapidly, we inevitably encroach more and more upon our wild neighbors, either forcing them to move to new territory or adapt to their modified habitat. Because they were here before us, we believe that an attitude of tolerance and efforts to better educate ourselves so that we may understand their nature and reasons for their behavior are the keys to accepting and peacefully co-habitating with our wild "neighbors." We are happy to provide whatever resources we can to help central Texans modify their homes, property and behavior to limit their possible encounters with wildlife and make them positive experiences, when they do occur.

What you can do: As a Texas not-for-profit corporation, we will gratefully accept any donation, cash or in kind. Consult with your CPA, as your donation may be tax deductible. We encourage you to visit our website or email us if you have any issues or questions regarding wildlife or wolf-hybrid dogs.

Thanks for your interest and support!

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