Helping Wildlife

Dealing with Wildlife // Life of a Rehabber

First and foremost: If you are not a trained rehabber, please don't try and go it alone with a wild animal that needs help. These animals need special care, so if you come across an animal in need of assistance, please contact us -- that's what we're here for!

It is often inspiring to see how many wild animals have adapted to cities that are creeping further and further into their territory. But wild animals are not truly designed for their new city habitat, and in trying to adapt, they can get themselves into all kinds of dangerous and/or problematic situations. Visit our Dealing with Wildlife page to find out how to peacefully co-exist with one of our favorite wild animals, the raccoon.

Unfortunately, most people either see wild animals as unwelcome invaders who should be punished for their trespass or fail to realize that these animals are not exotic pets. Removing wildlife from dangerous or problematic areas can be tricky, and rehabilitating sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals so that they can be returned to the wild often requires considerable time, training, medicines, and a can-do, never-give-up attitude. Please visit our page, Life of a Rehabber, to see just how involved our work can be.

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