Bill & Animals

Bill was always searching for a cabin surrounded by chipmunks . . . He always ended up at the Econolodge on the Interstate.

The Bill Hicks Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned and injured wildlife, predominantly in the Austin hill country area -- an area that Bill loved. Many people think of Bill as a bitter cynic, but nothing could be further from the truth. Bill loved wildlife and was a strong advocate of fighting the overpopulation crises that threatens all of our existence.
Wildlife takes the brunt of the punishment as we cut down trees and continue paving over what used to be home for raccoons, deer, opossums and other animals.
At first we thought of starting a Cancer research fund in Bill's name, but let's face it, even if we came up with thousands of dollars a year it wouldn't be a drop in the bucket. The Bill Hicks Foundation for Wildlife Rehabilitation gives us a way to make a difference, in a place that Bill loved, and we can still belong to the "People Who Hate People Party."

Bill imitates a Malaysian water monitor lizard

Back in 1981, Bill was driving from Houston to "Hell-A." He hit the California border at sunset and was stopped. The border Police told him Neal would have to spend six weeks in quarantine. Bill turned around and napped on the side of I-10. When he thought the guy would be off duty he shoved Neal in a smelly sock and buried him in a pile of dirty laundry. To this day it is not known if Bill is the single cause of "MADD" Ferret's disease on the West coast.

This photo was taken by Bill's longtime friend and early comedy partner, Dwight Slade. The two of them first moved to L. A. in 1981 to get their foot in the door at the COMEDY STORE. Bill quickly landed a sitcom, "Bulba," and made one pilot for ABC. He played a wacky marine sergeant on a wacky resort island. The show starred Lyle Wagner, just to give you an idea of how bad it was. Thank GOD it was dropped. Bill could have ended up like Gilligan, a fate that for him would have been worse than Death!!

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