Monday, November 28, 2011

Year in Review 2011

The drought in Texas has made the intake and care of this years wildlife especially onerous. We have seen our numbers almost tripled from years past and at our high point had over 75 animals in our care! With the advent of cooler weather and a few much needed inches of rain, we should have the final 5 groups of " Coonies" returned to the wild by December 1st! Special thanks to the Gonzales Group- 3 private property owners who have taken the majority of these animals on their properties and are doing back up feeding as well! They were our angels this season as raccoons are considered a nuisance species by most folks and finding suitable habitat is one of our biggest challenges. Bless you Juli and Dan, Judy, and Terri! ( there are the pictures of a group that went to Gonzales- they look so happy in their new tree-house!)

Exciting news- We have finally established a central care and receiving location in Austin! As this is a sanctuary space and not open to the public, we will not publish the address, but when called for animal assistance will provide it to those in need!

Coming in January- Notice of Wildlife Volunteer Orientation Sessions- check back or sign up for our enews at

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